Water Treatment Frequently Asked Questions


Which Water Solution Is Best For My Home or Business?

Our water specialists at EcoWater of Chattanooga will help you choose the right water solution for your specific water needs. After conducting a water analysis, we will know which contaminants are present in your water and the best way to treat those contaminants.

What Is Soft Water?

Soft water is water that has had impurities and contaminants removed. Hard water often feels rough and dries out your skin, while soft water feels clean and refreshes your skin.

What Are Common Residential Water Problems?

The most common types of residential water problems include hard water, foul tasting or smelling water, iron water, acid water, water contaminants, and turbidity. If you suspect any of these issues with your water, contact your local EcoWater Pros as soon as possible for an in-home water analysis.