Identify & Diagnose Common Water Problems

If you start noticing any odd water problem signs, contact EcoWater of Chattanooga as soon as possible. Our EcoWater Pros will identify any water problems you may have and suggest a water solution to fix all of your water issues. Contact us today at (706) 965-3013 to schedule an in-home water analysis.

Hard Water

Finding white water spots and residue on your shower doors, fixtures, or dishes? This is the most common sign of hard water. Other signs of hard water include higher energy bills, dull hair or skin, sink or fixture stains, scratchy-feeling laundry, and even low water pressure. If you have hard water, turn to EcoWater of Chattanooga. We provide water solutions to turn hard water into soft, clean water. Ask us today about how we can extend the life of your water-using appliances.

Chlorine & Chloramines

Does your tap water taste or smell like a swimming pool? This is a common sign that chlorine or chloramines are present in your water. Municipalities often use chlorine in public water supplies to kill contaminants and other bacteria. Even if used in small amounts, chlorine can still appear in your home's tap water. Chlorine can alter the taste of your food, beverages, and cause skin irritations. If you have chlorine in your water, contact the water experts at EcoWater of Chattanooga.


Does your tap water have a metallic taste or have a rust-like color? This is a common sign of high levels of iron are present in your water. EcoWater of Chattanooga will test your water to determine the exact levels of iron in your water. This will help us better recommend a water solution to remove iron from your tap water.


Like iron, manganese also has a metallic taste and is a brown-like color. If you suspect manganese is present in your water, turn to EcoWater of Chattanooga. We may recommend a whole home filter to rid your tap water of manganese.

Hydrogen Sulfide or Rotten Egg Smell

The most common sign of hydrogen sulfide is the smell of rotten eggs. If this smell is present when you use either hot or cold water, contact the EcoWater Pros. We will suggest the right water treatment system for your home to remove hydrogen sulfide from your water.

Sediment & Cloudy Water

If your tap water appears cloudy or foggy, you may have sediment particles in your water. Sediment is most common in homes that use water directly from wells, ponds, or lakes. If not treated, over time sediment will clog pipes and cause costly repair damages. EcoWater of Chattanooga will suggest a solution for your specific needs to remove sediment from your water.

Low PH

Low pH levels cause foul metallic tastes and leave behind blue-green stains on toilets and water fixtures. Water that has levels lower the pH 7 are considered as acidic and harmful to digest and harmful to appliances. Water with low pH damages iron plumb, hot water heaters, and copper plumbing. To have your water pH levels tested, turn to EcoWater of Chattanooga.


Arsenic is not detectable by the human eye alone because it is both odorless and tasteless. Arsenic can only be found through professional water testing. Arsenic is a human carcinogen that causes severe health problems and cancer. If you use a private water supply, you are at a higher risk for arsenic being present in your water. To have your water evaluated for arsenic, contact EcoWater of Chattanooga.


Lead is usually only present in raw water supplies. Lead is a toxic metal that is not safe for any amount of human exposure. Lead is most common in homes built with lead pipes because the pipes can corrode and leak lead into your water supply. If your home was built before the 1930's, contact EcoWater of Chattanooga to have your water evaluated for lead.


Homes in rural areas are at risk for nitrate-contaminated water. Nitrates are found in fertilizers and are harmful to humans. Nitrates are both tasteless and odorless so they are only detectable through professional water testing. To have your tap water tested for nitrates, call EcoWater of Chattanooga.


If your water smells musty or tastes fishy, you may have micro-organisms in your water. Micro-organisms can easily enter public water through animal waste, sewage, or decaying animals. Private wells are not typically regulated for micro-organisms.


The EPA does not require water supplies to be tested for pharmaceuticals or drug contaminants. That's why it is important to have your water professionally tested for the presence of pharmaceuticals. Contact EcoWater of Chattanooga for water treatment systems to remove molecular compounds from your tap water.