Commercial Bottle-less Water Coolers

Tired of having to continuously get bottle refills for your water cooler? Turn to EcoWater of Chattanooga. We install bottleless water coolers for your home or office. It is perfect for limited spaces because there is no large water jug attached to it! Transform regular tap water into fresh, filtrated water with EcoWater of Chattanooga.

How It Works

Our bottleless water cooler instantly chills water with ten times the cooler capacity of standard officer water coolers. It dispenses up to 80 glasses of water in 40 minutes. Because the system is connected directly to your water supply, there will never be stagnant water stored or hidden in a reservoir tank.
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Hygienic Design

Our bottleless water cooler has an extremely hygienic design. There is a recessed faucet so that no hands will make contact with the dispensing area. Both the drip tray and faucet are also removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.